Therapeutic Malay massage

Relaxation is a complex process involving the muscles, the energy system of the body, and the mind.  
To offer you the best chances to feel better, I am using a mixture of traditional Malay acupressure and energetical massage methods. The first purpose to relieve muscle adhesion, to focuse on reducing muscle fatigue and to encourage muscle relaxation.
I am working on muscles, tendons, joints and fascias, but also on the energy points and on the veins. This combination is something quite specific in Malay tradtional massages. I try to free the blood flow and the energy flow.
This Malay traditional technique is also working on reducing adhesion to joints and re-aligning physical body, to move better. Eventually, it works on the nervous system and thus improves emotional and mental well-being.  
I am using a home-made oil blending a Malay traditional herbal oil with fresh ginger and fresh lemongrass. I warm up this oil and apply it to your skin to massage it. The nice smell helps your mind to relax, and perhaps to travel a bit further from the stress of everyday life. 
The pressure during these massages is usually quite strong, but of course I adapt to your sensitivity and your needs. While working on you, I move the energy in your body. This can cause you or me to burp. In Malay, we say that it is the exceeding air coming out of your body. But it's not really air, it is more something like stuck energy that is freed. This is hard to explain in another language, but you will feel it.  

When tensions are released, you can experience a better flexibility in your whole body, a better blood circulation, a calmer nervous system and a more peaceful mood. You can feel relaxed, but also revitalized and energized. 

home mixture of citronella and ginger infused oils for natural